1:1 Consultations


In our 1:1 Consultations we discuss specific health issues you may have & what your goals are.

I will then discuss the benefits of Juice Therapy & how it can support your body.  We'll talk through a juicing plan followed by a juicing demonstration & sampling.

A goodie bag with information discussed at the Consultation will be provided.

Investment £60



Juicing is an amazing way to introduce more fruit & vegetables into your diet.  In our interactive workshops we discuss the benefits of Natural Juice Therapy.

Why Juice?

History of Juicing

Juicing v Blending

Juicing Demonstration

Juicing Sampling

I'll be sharing my tips on how to make the juicing process easier.

Everybody leaves with a goodie bag with information from the session.

Investment £30 per person

(min of 6 people)

Nutrition Consultations

1:1 Consultations - Investment £40

1 hour consultations to discuss your nutrition goals.  See below for more information on common nutrition concerns.

Transitioning to a Plant Based Diet

If you're struggling to transition to plant based diet let me help.  Together we can creat an achievable plan that fits in with your lifestyle & helps you reach your goal.

Weight Loss

Advice & guidance on how to follow a plant based diet & lose weight.  With so much unhealthy vegan food currently on the market it is common for clients to struggle with their weight & I'm here to help make that easier.

Food Allergies & Intolerances / Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies

Food allergies & intolerances are becoming more & more common & these go hand-in-hand with vitamin & mineral deficiencies due to an impaired digestive system.  Following a plant based diet when you have food allergies/intolerances can be quite daunting, label checking everything & not fully trusting that what you're eating isn't going to hurt you.  I can help advise on food substitutes, what to avoid, places to eat etc.

Nutrition Plan Packages

Basic Nutrition Plan - £30

A 1 week plan with recipes & instructions created to meet your nutritional goals.

All recipes will have full nutritional information calculated including important vitamins & minerals.

These can be created as simply or elaborate depending on your time & skills.

4 Week Nutrition Plan - £75

A more indepth 4 week plan with recipes & instructions.

All recipes will have full nutritional information calculated including important vitamins & minerals.

These plans can be created to be as simple or elaborate depending on your time & skills or a mixture of both as your skills & interest in cooking expand throughout the 4 weeks.

Meal Prep

If you feel you don't have time or don't enjoy cooking at all then try our full meal prep.

This is our 100% plant based kitchen where everything is free from gluten, refined sugars & soya ... 100% natural ingredients!